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Sheer Joy and Treat to meet Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar

Invitation for the event in Pune:
One of our friends Ms. Shirisha called me up and said that Dr. B. Raghu’s 60thBirth Anniversary is going to take place in Pune this time and he invited us to come. So I called up my teacher Smt. Zarna Mohan for further information. She added that he personally invited her and all the students of Iyengar Yoga Hyderabad for the event. She also said, unfortunately she is not going to make it for the event due to certain family commitments. Therefore, she asked me to pass on the message to all other students willing to go. Following her request I passed on the message to some of my friends over their mobiles and created an event in our facebook group ‘Iyengar Yoga Hyderabad’ inviting all the members to join the event. Finally we four Sridhar, Suresh, Me, and my wife Tulsi have decided to attend the event.

60thBirth Anniversary Celebrations of Dr. B. Raghu:

By the time we reached RIMYI, proceedings have already begun. Dr. B. Raghu and Savita B. Raghu were par…

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